Inspired by "The Hobbit "


Inspired by the movie “The Hobbit” is to create a mirkwood-like forest. Making environments and creating worlds from your mind is really fascinating. As a child I always loved nature and grew up with forest close to my house.


Fantasy is one of the greatest aspect to work it. Whatever you want to create or build, with fantasy there are no limits! While watching one of my favorite movies (The Hobbit) I became inspired to make a forest scene to see how it goes. Mirkwood in the Hobbit you can see very large trees as well as small. In this scene you might think in these big and large trees, elves are on the watch out for the enemy.
I didn't want to make it hostile like you are not welcome, but more peacefully.  A place where you can be healed.


on the top floor


As I was working towards this design, I always wanted it to like a kitchen in the attic. Why? You might ask. Well why not, if you can have enough space to practise. And what of the view outside!

Interior of the kitchen

Why the attic? You might ask. Well why not experimenting with it. Usually the kitchen is besides the living room but what will be the advantages of the attic. One thing is for sure, that you get you exercise running op the stairs and when your coming in the kitchen you will smell the food you want to eat. Or when you are cooking, you can enjoy by watching the view. Maybe you will be inspired by cooking new kinds of dishes. This how I was thinking while creating this scene as cooking is also what I like to do.


In the Netherlands you don't have mountains.


Loving nature, mountains can not be missed. Here in the Netherlands you don’t have mountains, than it will be hard to visit as well. One time I was in Austria...

Creating 3D Environment

Growing up here in the Netherlands you don't have any mountains here. There are some hills more in the south but a foreigner who is used to maintains will not be impressed by our "mountains". One time I visited austria and saw the many mountains. That for me was very impressing and it was beautiful to experience. Based on that I tried to make a scene with some mountains in the background.

One other things I loved making this scene is by using the plugin "Forest Pack" created by iToo Software. Thanks to these creators you can easily setup fields of grass or forests. Your workflow becomes much more quicker in that way. I love working with this plugin.

In the images below you can see the development of this scene and even adding different skies to it.

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